RSE Total (storage) Used (rucio) Used (other) Quota (other) Used (dark) Used (persistent) Used (temporary) Unlocked (secondary) Free (storage) Min space Difference Primary diff Avg tombstone
BNLHPC_DATADISK600.00377.650.000.00-0.0085.185.38255.11222.3660.00162.36 -237.478.01
INFN-GENOVA_DATADISK8.806.330. -5.1836.90
INFN-ROMA3_DATADISK5.253.580.000.000.470.000.023.531.200.530.68 -3.1170.35
SLACXRD_DATADISK100.0043.830.000.0044.7343.960.000.0011.4410.001.44 -16.17n/a
TOTAL714.05431.330.000.0045.31129.215.42264.88237.4271.40166.01 -261.98

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This table was created using the RSE expression:

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Used (other) is other RSEs sharing the same space token.
Quota (other) is the sum of quotas defined on other RSEs sharing the same space token.
Used (dark) is the difference between Storage used and Rucio used for all the RSEs on the space token.
Unlocked is data eligible for deletion.

Min space is a limit dynamically set by a collector based on storage capacity of the endpoint (Total(storage) - Used(other)) and according to the following policy:

Primary diff - amount of primaries (UsedRucio-Unlocked) over a threshold: (Total(storage) - GroupQuota)*0.600000)
Avg tombstone - days between now and timestamp of average tombstone, giving an indication of the turnover of secondary data

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